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College Paintball
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Paintball is a fun hobby and a great way for students to socialize, bond, and meet fellow students also interested in the sport.  Students who are into the sport of Paintball, may enjoy our website.  Finding the right sources for reasonably priced Paintball Guns, Markers, and equipment are also needed to be successful in the hobby.  The key to success with this sport is accuracy, concealment, cover, and a bit of strategy!  Make sure you are able to blend into your environment and surroundings, as hiding from your enemies and sneaking upon them is also desirable advantages. 

The most important paintball gear is the protective gear, then perhaps markers and paintball guns are second!  Also remember paintball can be dangerous, so don't forget safety first!  Always remember the basics and prepared with proper equipment such as helmets, visors, proper clothing and attire!

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